This Eternity Review is Better than Sex!

Mike Aronovitz. author of Alice Walks,  has put his reviewer and professorial talents to the test with this review of Eternity, just published on Hellnotes.  Take a look!  I’ve gotta tell you, I’m in heaven!  Alice Walks, his first novel,  is officially one of my all-time favorite ghostly tales.  (His first guest blog is just a couple posts down.)

You can pre-order Eternity in paperback now.  It will be available everywhere in early September. (Or you can get an e-format today.)  You may also order signed and personalized copies by emailing your request to Dark Delicacies I’ll be signing there on September 14, 2013.


Some True Ghost Stories from the Inland Empire

A reader just stumbled across this piece I did for a SoCal newspaper a couple Halloweens ago.  These are all haunts located in places that have inspired many of my novels in one way or another.  (There’s some false info here too, under the Mission Inn: it was not used as the exterior of Buffy’s school in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But it just oozes with hauntings, anyway!)

The Inland Empire’s top 13 ghost stories

Tamara Thorne, Correspondent

Posted:   10/28/2010 04:17:18 PM PDT

Fallen leaves of liquidambar skitter across lawns, bright dots of orange and yellow in the growing darkness. Crackling, cackling, they herald a chill breeze carrying the warm funky scent of burning pumpkin. You, aged 8 or 80, stand on the sidewalk, filling your senses with Halloween.

Distant shrieks and shouts tell you the nearest trick-or-treaters are at least a couple blocks away. Excitement sparks the air. It’s All Hallows Eve, and you’re staring at the big old dilapidated house across the street. The one everyone says is haunted. You wonder, as you always have, if you were to go inside, would anything happen?

That’s the question for which I’ve been driven to find answers all my life, and there is no shortage of haunted places in the Inland Empire. You name it, we’ve got it. I’d love to tell you about a baker’s dozen of my favorites.

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