The first signing for The Sorority, Bad Things, Eternity, and The Forgotten (as well as already available novels,  Haunted, Moonfall, and Candle Bay) will take place on September 14 at Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Burbank California.  I’ll be signing with horror legend Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

We’d love to see you in person (2-4 pm) but if you can’t make it and would like signed or personalized copies of any of our books, please contact  Dark Delicacies  to put in your requests.

You can order autographed and/or personalized copies from this terrific horror-oriented bookstore by going to their website then clicking “Signings/Events” in the upper left, and scrolling down to September 14, where you’ll see The Sorority, The Forgotten, Bad Things, and Eternity listed.  Order and, in the notes, let them know what you’d like in the way of personalizations or signings. (You can specify something — and if it’s a gift, make sure you give the name! — or you can leave it to me, your choice.

Candle Bay, Moonfall, and Haunted – last year’s releases – aren’t listed but you can order them as well. Just write them in in the notes section, along with personalization requests.  These three are a bargain at $4.99 a piece!


The Theme is Vampires (and Sororities, Ghosts, Evil Nuns, Jack the Ripper, and Halloween)

Joining me are Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, signing her new Count Saint-Germaine novel, Night Pilgrims, Amber Benson signing  the 2014 Buffy calendar, and — squeeee! — Lara Parker, the original Angelique from the original Dark Shadows, signing her novel, Dark Shadows: Wolf Moon Rising.  (I was Angelique for Halloween in sixth grade. Oh, the beautiful gown my mother made for me! I wish I’d  kept the photos!)


On September 29, I’ll be appearing at the West Hollywood Book Fair.  There will be a signing and, I hear, a panel. I’ll be back when my publicist has more info!


On Octorber 26. I’ll be signing at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, 2-4 pm. This specialty book store is always a blast, especially at Halloween.


Currently, my next scheduled appearance is at ConDor in San Diego March 21-23. I’m most likely to be a’paneling on the 22nd.


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