Goblet of Shock

Over at our Thorne & Cross blog, we are now hosing Michael Aronovitz’s Goblet of Horror – about horror and rock!

Thorne & Cross

Serious commentary on horror and how it relates to new bands that matter

Saint Diablo

Deconstructing the Blur

“Devil Horns and Halos”

By Michael Aronovitz

            When Tito Quinones, of the hard rock band Saint Diablo, sings of “Devil Horns and Halos,” he is not making a statement about good and evil. That would be too easy, and this talented group of musicians defy simplistic, all-encompassing one word definitions, especially in the banal spirit of “easy,” or “basic,” or “mediocre” or “definitive.” On the contrary, their music is incredibly rich, well crafted, and ornate, and their message is one of complexity, making us look at the way we compartmentalize our own natural tendencies, therefore blurring realities that play out right before us. In this, I am in no way claiming that Saint Diablo attempts to personify “Superman,” spreading truth and justice, but I would argue they are more the iconic…

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