Horror Writers’ Thanksgiving

A little sneak peek at our special Christmas installment of The Ghosts of Ravencrest!

Thorne & Cross


Thanksgiving is a time of fellowship, feasting, gluttony, football and drunkenness. There’s a Rockwellian image we put over the holiday that has the same brainwashing effect that the chemical that makes women forget how horrible childbirth is has and, year after year, we do it again, forever trying to make it perfect.


We know that many people honestly do enjoy this particular holiday; indeed, it is hard to resist because harvest festivals are ingrained in our ancestral memories. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the traditional Thanksgiving customs. Indeed, for many of us introverted creative types, it isn’t pleasant at all.


Last night on Haunted Nights LIVE!,our guest, New York Times bestselling writer, Douglas Clegg, joined in on our Top 13 List.  Since Thanksgiving is around the corner, we decided to think of thirteen ways we could have more fun while stuck at a big family feast.


  1. Have a Binge…

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