Why I Dig My Collaborator

Alistair and I decided to list why we’re grateful for each other… Without looking until we posted.

Cross Talk


‘Tis the season for gratitude, and although I have never enjoyed any of the traditional Thanksgivings customs, I do like to take a little time out around this time of year to reflect on the things I’m grateful for, and there are a lot of them. A lot. I am thankful to my family for their ongoing support, my friends for their love and loyalty, my kitty, Pawpurrazzi, for amusing me, my dog, Sven, for refusing to die after all these years, and my friend, my mate, my manager, Berlin, who has earned every title given here and without whom I would not where I am… in many, many ways. Also, I am grateful to the models who allow me to photograph them in strange ways for our book covers and e-posters. Like these guys…


Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to mention my collaborator, Tamara Thorne.

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Synchronicity and Alistair Cross

Synchronicity. I’m thankful for it for many reasons, but the big reason, the life-changing one, is that it brought Alistair Cross and me together. Writing has never been so fun… or so prolific.

Sure, I’m thankful for all the usual things – my health, my mate, my cats, my friends, indoor plumbing, electricity, onion soup, and underwear, but this year I’m especially thankful for my collaborator, Alistair Cross. We met only two or three years ago but it was that kind of meeting where the recognition is instant and you feel like you’ve always known one another. Suddenly, I had new appreciation for an old trial I’d gone through when I first published because it turned out to be the very thing that made our relationship click in so quickly.


We were each familiar with the other’s territory because we’d both lived in it.  Without it, we would have found each other, but the dance would have taken much longer – years longer, most likely – before we came together.  As it is, in the last year alone, we’ve completed two novels and enough serial novel to count as a third. Never have I been so prolific or so happy. Thank you, Synchronicity, Alistair was worth all that early hell.

Collaboration is difficult; I know it from experience and from other writers who have told me their stories. It’s not easy; collaborations usually bring arguing and other ego-built problems. Drama belongs on my page and peace and harmony in my life. Alistair’s philosophy is the same as mine and that, and the reasons below, is why I love my collaborator.


1. He wakes me up every morning with crude jokes and selfies. I’m particularly thankful that most of the selfies are of his face… Because morning is too early for other regions.

2. He’s a brilliant writer, a natural storyteller who can turn a phrase that makes me jealous. The highest compliment I can pay is to say, “I wish I’d written that.” He hears that a lot.

3. He makes me laugh. His wonderfully sick sense of humor is heaven-sent. Well, maybe not heaven sent…


4. Love those eyebrows. Jack Nicholson wishes he had those brows. They’re like a pair of happy snakes dancing a jig.

5. He loves his kitty and lets her give him some tongue. That’s hot.

kitty6. No drama.  Just mutual respect and support.

7. No fear. No fear of arguing. No fear of saying something wrong and offending a weak ego. No fear of saying something politically incorrect. No fear of ranting.

8. He’s loyal and protective, but not in that creepy stalky way. I never freely shared story ideas with anyone, but I do with him because I know they are safe. He also handles our stalker problems with aplomb.

Ahairy9. He gives me discipline. Not the kinky kind we sometimes write about, but the kind that keeps me working all day, every day.

10. He’s an artist with words and with photography. I am thankful for his talents. And his willingness to do the bulk of our PR work.Darker Shadows

11. He is willing to sacrifice favorite characters to make a better story because he’s a writer, not an egomaniac. That, babies, is a rare gift, believe me.

12. Together we are more than our parts. He brings out the best in me, whether it’s in writing or anything else.

grandmalg13. He understands that to work hard, you must play hard. Every day.

14. He has no navel and he smells good. He lets me call him Treebeard because he’s tall and rooty.

15. He pretends to understand all my Star Trek references.

st16. I love, love, love Alistair’s wife, Berlin. She rocks for so many reasons.

17. I am thankful for our chemistry. It’s so strong that we were invited to take it onto the airways and we have to do nothing but be ourselves on the radio.

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The Best Christmas Ghosts on Television

Christmas, for us, is all about ghosts and… television.

Thorne & Cross

You know what our favorite thing about Christmas is? TV of course!! And ghost stories.

Ghosts and Christmas go together like weenies and beans. Soap and towels. Cat pee and Grandma. Brain-death and DirectTV. Puberty and shame. Prom and a bucket of blood.


Christmas is tied to ghosts almost as strongly as Halloween, thanks only in part to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Christmas arrives as the year dies. Morning arrives late, night falls early, life is at its lowest ebb… as are our attention spans and tolerance for long-winded, meandering stories about the human heart’s capacity for love, forgiveness, and kindness. And for this utter lack of patience, we blame Charles Dickens. Thanks, Chuck!

But imagine it’s just a century or two ago, and you’re sitting by the hearth on a cold winter’s night, the only illumination coming from the the fire, the lanterns,  candles and the monks…

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Christmas Spirits

Coming soon… A special holiday installment of Ghosts of Ravencrest!

Thorne & Cross

Christmas Spirits… coming soon…


Winter, 1788, the festival on the frozen Thames River.

Baronet Edward Manning and Lady Alice have brought their children, Prudence and Parnell, to London to enjoy the Frost Fair and visit their uncle, Sir Thomas. When tragedy strikes, the Mannings return to Ravencrest where the family doctor can see to their injured son. But no matter what Dr. Lanval does, the young master’s health continues to decline, and soon, the doctor begins to suspect darker forces are at work. Arcane forces.

When a hex bag is discovered under his patient’s bed, Dr. Lanval and Sir Thomas set out on a race against time to catch the spellcaster and try to save Parnell. As Christmas Eve approaches, things have improved and the Manning’s begin their celebrations. Father Christmas arrives… but on his heels comes a new kind of darkness that will forever cast its ominous shadow over…

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Horror Writers’ Thanksgiving

A little sneak peek at our special Christmas installment of The Ghosts of Ravencrest!

Thorne & Cross


Thanksgiving is a time of fellowship, feasting, gluttony, football and drunkenness. There’s a Rockwellian image we put over the holiday that has the same brainwashing effect that the chemical that makes women forget how horrible childbirth is has and, year after year, we do it again, forever trying to make it perfect.


We know that many people honestly do enjoy this particular holiday; indeed, it is hard to resist because harvest festivals are ingrained in our ancestral memories. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the traditional Thanksgiving customs. Indeed, for many of us introverted creative types, it isn’t pleasant at all.


Last night on Haunted Nights LIVE!,our guest, New York Times bestselling writer, Douglas Clegg, joined in on our Top 13 List.  Since Thanksgiving is around the corner, we decided to think of thirteen ways we could have more fun while stuck at a big family feast.


  1. Have a Binge…

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New York Times Bestselling Horror Author, Douglas Clegg, joins us Tonight at Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

It’s going to be a great show tonight!

Thorne & Cross

Tonight’s the night!


Tonight on Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!, we’re interviewing New York Times best-selling horror meister and all around great guy, Douglas Clegg.  You’re not going to want to miss this episode. Much book talk and various rude noises will ensue.


Douglas Clegg is the New York Times bestselling, award-winning author of more than 30 books, including The Priest of Blood, Neverland, and The Children’s Hour. His work has been published by Simon & Schuster, Bantam Doubleday Dell, Kensington, Dorchester, Cemetery Dance Publications, Subterranean Press, as well as Alkemara Press in digital form.


In 1999, he launched the world’s first publisher-sponsored e-serial novel, Naomi, which later went on to hardcover and paperback publication, and which Publisher’s Weekly called “arguably, the first major work of fiction in cyberspace,” and his short novel Purity was the first book of its kind on cell phones in the…

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Douglas Clegg on Haunted Nights LIVE!

Doug Clegg and I go way back. We may spill some special secrets this Thursday. Maybe…

Thorne & Cross


Expect the unexpected this week on Haunted Nights LIVE! when New York Times Best Selling author Douglas Clegg joins us for an hour of craziness.  Tamara and Doug were introduced to each other by their editors back when they were both young and supple, and they stuck together like gum and park benches, boogers and the underside of Grandma’s chair, and well, you name it… Tamara and Doug,  and their mates Robert and Raul, were inseparable when they all lived on the west coast. Never was Christmas so much fun.  Maybe we’ll tell you about it. Maybe we’ll reveal which books they kill each other in, for that matter…


But let’s let Doug take over. This is from his Facebook post telling his readers about this week’s program:

“My big event this week (other than the big anniversary with my husband, which was Monday), is that I’m a guest with

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Tonight on Haunted Nights LIVE!…

Mike Aronovitz, author of Alice Walks, joins us on Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

Thorne & Cross


Tonight at Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! we’ll be interviewing horror author, Michael Aronovitz. Aronovitz is the author of Alice Walks, Seven Deadly Pleasures, and The Voices in Our Heads, which has an introduction from Tamara Thorne. We’ll ask him about his writing process, the first story he published, and what he has coming up next, which we can personally say is absolutely awesome.

Go to this link at 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight to hear the show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/authorsontheairbookstoo/2014/11/14/michael-aronovitz-joins-thorne-cross-haunted-nights-live

Keep coming back for more fascinating conversations with your favorite authors. Next week, we’ll be joined by New York Times bestseller Doug Clegg. For the full guest list, visit my website at the Haunted Nights LIVE! page, and click on the author’s name to hear the podcast: http://alistaircross.com/Haunted-Nights-LIVE

Thank you to everyone who tuned in last week for our debut show with Q.L. Pearce. Give us a like at our…

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Horror Author Michael Aronovitz joins Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

Mike Aronovitz will be discussing his wonderful horrors with us this week on Haunted Nights LIVE!

Thorne & Cross

Tomorrow night’s the night…


Join us as we interview horror author Michael Aronovitz at Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern.


Michael Aronovitz’s debut collection Seven Deadly Pleasures was published by Hippocampus Press in 2009, and his newest novel Alice Walks is presently available in collectable cloth hard cover through Centipede Press and trade paperback through Dark Renaissance Books.


Aronovitz’s second collection The Voices in Our Heads was released by Horrified Press in February of 2014, and Hippocampus will publish Aronovitz’s second novel, The Witch of the Wood, this coming December or January. Aronovitz’s first young adult novel titled Becky’s Kiss will be published by Vinspire Press in late 2015.


Aronovitz’s short story “The Girl Between the Slats” appeared in S.T. Joshi’s acclaimed anthology Searchers After Horror last Spring, and his short ghost story “How Bria Died” was featured in Paula Guran’s The Year’s Best…

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Becoming a Full-Time Writer

Writing with consistency is what it’s all about.

Thorne & Cross


We commute from our beds to our offices without burning gas or having to dress to impress anyone but our kitties.  We have “water cooler” talk over Skype and morning beverages; a bit of gossip, reviews of last night’s movies, and bitching about getting up so early to get to work. Then we spend about ten minutes checking our social sites, followed by half an hour on marketing and radio. Then we go to our desks in the Cloud and get to the good stuff: writing. It’s what gives us the discipline to get up early even though we both really hate mornings.


Usually, all goes well, but not always. On days we just aren’t feeling it, we often go deep into research. But most days, we write so hard that one minute it’s 8 am and the next it’s 6 pm. And once in a while – very rarely…

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