It’s Summer Sex, er, Poetry Time

It’s hot out, sweaty, even in the shade.  And the plants are loving it.  My tomato vines are heavy with delicious red globes, the trees laden with warm fruit just waiting to be eaten.  What is sexier than a peach?  This poem, Jugular Vine, was originally published in the Cemetery Dance collection, The Devil’s Wine, edited by Tom Piccirilli. It’s all about the delighting in the fleshy fruits of summer.



Green tendrils twine tightly

holding heavy clusters of dark purple grapes.

Hanging hidden, sweet and dark and full to bursting,

they peek out from between leafy emerald shadows

to flirt with sunbeams, wanting warm kisses.

Grinning green faces form in the leaves,

mosaics of fronds weave larger faces,

all guardians of the rich violet jewels.

Tendril fingers clutch, then release

As a woman of flesh and blood gently plucks a grape.

She rubs it, revealing radiant darkness.


The Green Man smiles as she holds it to her lips

to feel the plump round fruit with her mouth.

She inhales its warm sweet scent as she

slips it between her lips to

test the mettle of his juice, his meat.

Green Man’s flesh

is pierced by pearl teeth.

She tastes the sweet liquid as it squirts into her mouth.

She closes her eyes in delight

as sticky juice sprays her tongue and throat

The Green Man groans with her pleasure

as she plucks another succulent grape

and tastes more of his nature.


Green Woman drops

a tender ripe peach into a young man’s hands.

Softly, he brushes his lips against the summer globe,

Feeling the soft fuzz on firm flesh,

so smooth and golden pink, he inhales

her luscious feminine scent of warm flowers and lust.

She laughs, a breeze fluttering through the leaves,

as he bites into the fruit.

With his teeth he teases away the pit

that had hidden the very center of her flesh.

She moans with him as he revels in her depths,

pushing his tongue into the juicy sweet hollow.

Tongue delving, licking, teeth probing.

He devours her, his mouth and lips sticky

with her juices and her scent.


Green Man and Green Woman join

the fleshling lovers

as they taste and revel in their fruits.

They share the pleasure of red-blooded bodies connecting

in a meadow of green grass and sunflowers.

Hidden in summer grapevines.

Green Man and Woman ride the lovers

who shed their clothing like leaves in an autumn breeze.

They come together in bliss,

twining limbs like grape tendrils clinging, grasping, never letting go.

Kissing in the sun, making their own fruit,

They find the centers of one another, and of nature too.



7 thoughts on “It’s Summer Sex, er, Poetry Time

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  2. This is gorgeous.. thorough, complete, blissful. Well done…

    Makes me want to eat a strawberry… and something else that would be too crass to mention. Good Lord… this is hot.

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